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Les contes interdits - Le magicien d’Oz - Original Series

Les contes interdits - Le magicien d’Oz - Original Series

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Book Description

A disoriented woman, whom the cruelty of life causes to stumble off her path.

Fanatical activists, hidden behind grimacing masks and whose slogans are written in blood red.

An impostor with magnetic charm, with so many faces that he himself no longer knows how to distinguish the real from the fake.

Desecrated corpses and organs scattered all over the city, sending investigators running in opposite directions.

A never-ending nightmare, from which some will never wake up.

Published in 1900, The Wizard of Oz was intended to be a modern fairy tale, from which sorrows and nightmares were banished. In 1928, it was censored on the grounds that it propagated unhealthy and ungodly ideals by featuring strong female characters in leadership roles. A century later, what can we criticize about this version of the tale, which is indeed nothing but sorrow and nightmares?


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Les contes interdits


Maude Royer

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