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Le prix de ma liberté - Tome 1

Le prix de ma liberté - Tome 1

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It's an exciting new way to get your hands on digital books! In addition to being a beautiful collector's bookmark, individually numbered based on their series, it gives you access to the digital version of the book represented on the bookmark, thanks to a unique code on the back, which you can use with your cell phone, tablet or computer.

Book Description

June's life is shattered when one evening, on the way to the hospital to give birth to their child, she and her husband are victims of an attack. To add to the horror of the situation, the latter is brutally murdered before his helpless gaze.

Six years later, the penitentiaries being saturated, the government saw itself obliged to find solutions. So, the feds tell June that she will have to put the person who ruined her life to work on her farmland. The program, aimed at making criminals aware of the acts they committed by reintegrating them into society, is not enchanting for the widow.

While she tries at all costs to keep this man away from her son, June continues to be shaken by the man she imagined as a monster in her mind, but who acts kindly towards them. But isn’t this just a ruse to better manipulate them?



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Le prix de ma liberté


Nadège Roy

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