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Anna Caritas tome 5 partie 1: L'éveilleur - Original Series

Anna Caritas tome 5 partie 1: L'éveilleur - Original Series

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What is a Bookmarque?

It's an exciting new way to get your hands on digital books! In addition to being a beautiful collector's bookmark, individually numbered based on their rarity, it gives you access to the digital version of the book represented on the bookmark, thanks to a unique code on the back, which you can use with your cell phone, tablet or computer.

Book Description

William Walker's return to Anna Caritas College seems to have triggered a series of bizarre events in Saint-Hector. Evil has landed in the town and seems determined to take root. Gabrielle may be doing everything in her power to counter the thing that stole her friend, but Marianne Roberts is once again muddying the waters.

In this first part of the series' final volume, the enemy has many faces, and the threat rumbles at every turn. All will learn the hard way that, once awakened, evil doesn't go back to sleep so easily.


Les Éditions les Malins

Book Collection

Anna Caritas


Patrick Isabelle

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